Data Request & Submission

Data Request

You can request the data of your interest by:

Data Submission

Make use of EMODnet Data Ingestion to submit your data sets

In 2016, the EMODnet program launched the EMODnet Data Ingestion project that seeks to identify and to reach out to other potential providers in order to make their data sets also part of the total offer. It aims at streamlining the data ingestion process so that data holders from public and private sectors that are not yet connected to the existing marine data management infrastructures can easily release their data for safekeeping and subsequent distribution through EMODnet. This will enrich the total offer for all types of users and conform to the EMODnet motto ‘collect data once and use it many times’.
For further information visit the EMODnet Data Ingestion portal.

Metadata Contribution

In order to facilitate the data cataloguing and archiving, please fill out and send to HNODC the following forms related to the documentation (meta-data) of your data:

Oceanographic Data Exchange Policy


HNODC, as part of the IODE network, has adopted the IOC Oceanographic Data Exchange Policy (Resolution IOC-XXII-6, 2003). In this regard HNODC provides timely, free and unrestricted access to all data, associated metadata and products generated under the auspices of IOC programmes. For non-IOC programmes, HNODC follows the programmes data management policies. For commercial use, HNODC provides data with a minimum charge, which at no case exceeds the cost of reproduction and delivery, without charge for the data and products themselves.

Users are requested to inform HNODC of any problems encountered with HNODC provided data so as to correct the data at the data source and increase their quality.

Conditions for Use of Data

Retrieval, by electronic download, and the use of data is free of charge, unless otherwise stipulated. Regardless of whether the data are quality controlled or not, HNODC and the data source do not accept any liability for the correctness and/or appropriate interpretation of the data. Interpretation should follow scientific rules and is always the user?s responsibility. Correct and appropriate data interpretation is solely the responsibility of data user. Data Users must acknowledge data sources. The use or reproduction of data for commercial purpose might require prior written permission from HNODC and the data source.


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