Concerted Action in the framework of EC-DGXII Marine Science & Technology Program (MAST). Keys to the success of community research projects and to an effective support of marine economic activities are the speed and the ease with which users can identify, locate, get access, exchange and use oceanographic and marine data & information. The European Network for Oceanographic Data and Information Management – EURONODIM project comprises the organization of a European cooperative network for oceanographic data & information management, that will operate in a coherent and operational mode to strengthen the quality, service and overall performance of ocean and marine data & information management in Europe, both on a national and international level.


  • to develop, maintain and electronically publish jointly 4 meta-data products/directories on the Internet to keep track of ocean and marine data & information and to improve the overall awareness, overview and access to ocean and marine data & information in Europe:
    • European Directory of Marine Environmental Data (EDMED)
    • Cruise Summary Reports (ROSCOP)
    • Research Projects Database
    • Navigation Web-site ‘Guide to Marine Data and Marine Data Management in Europe’
  • to exchange experience and to cooperate in development, promotion and implementation of data & information management practices and methods;
  • to develop and organize an overall capability for handling, processing, quality-controlling and archiving a variety of oceanographic and marine data types, anticipating differences in capabilities of individual partners and the involvement of new data types.


September 1998 – September 2001

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