MEDAR/MEDATLAS II Regional Data Centre for Eastern Mediterranean

The objective of the MEDAR/MEDATLAS II Project is to rescue, safeguard and make available a comprehensive data set of oceanographic parameters collected in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, through a wide cooperation of the bordering countries.
It aims to contribute to increase the use of the data collected within the scientific programmes, to enhance exchange of information and data between projects and to improve the overall level of data quality. It also aims to enhance the existing data management structures through job training and workshops in data qualifying, processing, mapping, exchange and finally to contribute to develop sustainable regional capacity building for the Mediterranean scientific and operational programmes. The project is being funded by the European Union’s MAST programme and has been endorsed by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.

HNODC is responsible for the Eastern Region Assembling and Quality Control. It will offer training and access to hardware and software facilities for the visiting participants of Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey and Ukraine to quality control their national data sets collected in the Eastern region.


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