International Conference On Marine Data and Information Systems – IMDIS 2008

The Aim
The Conference aimed at providing an in depth analysis of the existing information on marine environmental data, showing the progresses on development of efficient infrastructures for managing large and diverse data sets, comparing different information systems, exploring the applicability of new information technologies, establishing long term international cooperation.

The Conference presented different systems for on-line access to data, meta-data and products, communication standards and adapted technology to ensure platforms interoperability. Sessions focused on infrastructures, technologies and services for different users: environmental authorities, research, schools, universities, etc.

Organized by
The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research-HCMR, jointly with SeaDataNet and IOC/IODE.

The Conference was held in Zappeion Exhibition and Congress Hall, Athens, Greece.

The duration of the Conference was three days, from Monday 31 March to Wedsday 2 April, 2008.

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